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Three ways to increase your sales using calendars

Don’t leave it too late to get your calendars printed … here are three innovative ways to increase your sales with a personalised calendar

  • Target specific products each month!

Have you got certain products that sell more in one month than another? Calendars can be a great way to make sure you are pushing the right products every month. For example, if you are a garage, promote air-conditioning in readiness for the hot weather!

  • Monthly vouchers

Simply put a tear-off voucher at the bottom of each page of your calendar that is valid for that month only. This means you can direct an increase in sales for a specific product, and also gives your client the incentive to turn the page and see what’s on offer next month. Every month the calendar has a brand new offer. A win win situation for both you and your customer.

  • Brand recognition

Calendars help increase your brand recognition and make you the first point of call. Keeping to the same colour scheme gives you instant recognition. Ensure your contact details are clear and visible along with your logo. Instant access to your contact details means your number is always at hand.  By getting everyday exposure of your calendar this helps raise awareness of your brand and what your company does. Calendars are also one of our very effective silent marketing tools with high visibility and very little effort to increase sales. Why not use our branded notepads alongside your calendars for even more exposure?

Calendars are another effective silent marketing tool ensuring that your company name and contact details are constantly in the mind of all your customers.

But knowing why you should use a calendar and knowing how to create an effective calendar are two different things!


Why use us?

Differentiate your company! Many companies struggle to stand out with their calendar as they are using standard designs. We only print bespoke calendars. No templates - just exactly what your company requires. You don’t have to print thousands of copies just so you get a cheaper price with us. We specialise in short runs to make sure you are not over running for less waste. We are also a part of the carbon capture programme that helps support the Woodland Trust. They plant woodland at one of their accredited woodland creation sites right here in the UK..


Our customers love us …

“We buy our calendars from 24hour Printline every year. The designer helps us get our ideas together. Our customers look forward to receiving them. The plus side for us is that they are a handy tool for keeping our company visibility high, reinforcing our brand, and our clients find them useful!” - Rede Court Minibus Services


Get in touch now and speak with one of our friendly and helpful team to get your calendars out before Christmas! Don’t miss out on this effective marketing opportunity!


Struggling with your design?

Our in-house design team can help you get your message across effectively and deliver your bespoke design.


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