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There are so many benefits to sending out Christmas cards – don’t send them just because you think you have to – use them as a personalised marketing tool. Print is tactile, and print is remembered. Reinforce your brand in a positive way at this time of year.

Christmas cards are as pleasant to send as they are to receive. There is no a more thoughtful way to show your appreciation to your clients at Christmas, than with a Christmas card. Here are 5 reasons why:

Feel valued

In this digital age we always send out emails. Let your client see you have taken the time to write a personal message in a handwritten Christmas card. So many people these days send out an identical email to all their contacts. If you receive an email like this you never really think the sender cares about you: They are just going through the motions of what they must do at Christmas. Chances are the email never even gets opened.


Help your clients feel even more valued by writing a personalised message in your Christmas card. Make sure you use the left-hand side of the card to write a thoughtful message to let your client know you are thinking of them

Gain more business

Clients are more likely to carry on your business relationship if they know you care about them. The Christmas card is one way of doing this, and of course there is nothing stopping you putting in a special offer in your Christmas cards for the New Year!

Say thanks

The best way to show your appreciation to your clients is by saying thanks. Everyone likes to be thanked and know that the work they have given you is appreciated. Christmas the ideal time to do this. This also helps to establish a better business relationship.

We miss you

Have you got lapsed clients that you haven’t heard from in a while? Christmas cards could be the solution. By sending a Christmas card this could re-establish the relationship and give them a nudge that you are still there.  


Aren’t Christmas cards expensive? They don’t have to be. Remember we specialise in short run printing so no need to order 10,000 to reduce your unit price!

Remember time is getting short. Now is the time to get your Christmas cards ready to send out.

Struggling with a design? Remember we have our in-house design team on hand to find exactly what you are looking for.

Remember sending a Christmas card is far more than just about sending Christmas wishes.


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