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Twelve types of brochure to help you create more business

When people think of brochures they think of catalogues and magazines. However, there’s a brochure that suits every company … even yours! Here is a detailed overview of our four most popular types of brochure as well as a list of twelve different formats.

Mini brochures

Mini brochures can be a great way to push one certain product or even a product range. These can be as simple as an A6 folded booklet to 12-panel fold-down brochure. These are small enough to fit in your pocket but at the same time have all the information a customer might need… Small but effective!

6-page A4 brochures

Our 6-page A4 brochures will make your brochures stand out from your competitors. 6-page A4 brochures are a great way to showcase your business with stunning images in a format that's different. Many printers do not have the presses to do this efficiently and cost-effectively – we do!

More examples of the brochures that we can print

4-page A4 landscape brochures

6-page A4 brochure? Then why not try our 4-page A4 landscape brochures. You can use this format to contain the same amount of information as an 8-page A5 brochure, but in a way that is out of the ordinary. Ideal for showcasing product images.

Newsletters … not quite a brochure but …

Newsletters are a wonderful way to interact with your clients. Keep them up to date with what’s new in your company. Have you got a new product launch or maybe a new service? Have you got new green credentials? Or has one of your team done an event for charity? Newsletters give positive reinforcement of your company. They are often kept and shared around. Print newsletters have a long shelf life. It’s common to hear back from someone who looks at an old newsletter. How often do you think somebody settles into their chair and reads an email or blog post from months ago? Again, it’s great to have a human connection and let your customers get to know your staff.

We have plenty more!

Check out our brochure tab to see the full list of brochures we can print.

  • 6-page A4 brochures
  • A4 landscape brochures
  • Square and mini brochures
  • A4, A5 and DL brochures
  • Wire and Comb-bound brochures
  • Perfect Bound brochures
  • Maps and Guides

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Design Tips for getting the best from your brochure.

Remember we do design too...

Do you know exactly what you want and just need a professional designer’s touch? Or are you all out of ideas and need some guidance? Our experienced design team can make creating a brochure a painless process. They will produce something professional and eye-catching for you.


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